09 June 2008

Deprecated Features in Dreamweaver CS4

If you have started to use the new Dreamweaver CS4 beta you might notice some features have been removed. It was announced last August that some features would not be supported in future releases due to low usage and continuing costs of support. As mentioned in the Dreamweaver technote the features to be removed:

  • ASP.NET server behaviors and recordsets
  • JSP server behaviors and recordsets
  • Layout Mode
  • Flash Elements
  • Flash Buttons and Flash Text
  • Site Map
  • JavaBeans
  • ASP.NET server behavior mechanism
  • JSP server behavior mechanism
  • Web Services Panel
  • Timelines

1 comment:

Caz Mockett said...

Interesting list, Sheila!

Although I'm not building any new sites with ASP.NET (I've gone PHP now), I still have to support some legacy sites which show no sign of being rewritten - so the loss of the .NET stuff is a big downer.

I'll have to stick with CS3, which works very nicely!