25 May 2006

Robert Pires to Villarreal

After six years with the Gunners, Robert has decided to end his career with a move to Villarreal FC who offered the Frenchman a 2 year deal. Pires, who is out of contract next month, had hoped to negotiate a two year deal with Arsenal, who have a policy of a 1 year contract for players who are in their 30s.

I have really enjoyed watching Robert Pires play at Highbury and was disappointed for him that his last match in the Champion League's final was cut short to make way for the Almunia when Jens Lehmann was shown the red card. He will be missed ... Read Pires joins Villarreal after six-year stay on the Arsenal website.

24 May 2006

Flash games

I am a big fan of accessibility, web standards and designing sites with CSS. At the same time I have a bittersweet relationship with Flash and the right environment for it's use - we all remember the days of Skip Intro. Flash designers and developers seemed to have found the right environment for Flash with various RIAs, movie presentations and online games.

Here are some examples of Flash Games on Thumbcandy

Zing Media new site launch

Zing Media has relaunched their website. Services on offer include:
- Accessible web design and build to web standards
- Workshops in CSS, accessibility, x(html) and web standards
- One-to-one training sessions
- Consultancy

23 May 2006

World Wide Web Conference 2006

The 15th Annual World Wide Web Conference 2006 is currently taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland. The event runs from 23 - 26 May 2006 at the Edinburgh Internationl Conference Centre. They will be releasing a series of Podcasts on lead items surrounding the event. For more information visit WWW2006 Edinburgh Scotland and details on WWW2006 Podcast Series

Notes of suggesting link styles

David Baron works for the Mozilla Corporation and on the Mozilla Browser. David wrote an article with suggestions for link styles in CSS

Arsenal new signing - Tomas Rosicky

Arsenal confirm the new signing of Czech midfielder Tomas Rosicky from Borussia Dortmund on a long-term contract. The Czech Republic international said "This is the best club in Europe and I will give everything,".

Read the article about Tomas Rosicky on the Arsenal website who will join the squad in the new Emirates Stadium after the World Cup.

AJAX for mobile (mobile web 2.0)

Interesting article by Open Gardens on mobile AJAX becoming the preferred platform for mobile applications development. The article is in two parts:
Part One
Part Two

CSS Books

New to CSS, get started with some good books on the subject, from introduction to stylish design layouts:

Designing With Web Standards (New Riders Press) by Jeffrey Zeldman
CSS Cookbook (O'Reilly Press) by Christopher Schmitt
The CSS Anthology - 101 Essential Tips, Tricks, and Hacks (O'Reilly Press) by Rachel Andrew
Zen of CSS Design, The: Visual Enlightenment for the Web (Peadpit Press) by D Shea & M Holzschlag

Ticket for the UEFA Chapions League final in Paris

My ticket for the UEFA Chapions League final in Paris - Arsenal Vs Barcelona

22 May 2006

Silver Surfer Week

UK seniors have been given the opportunity to try out the web. As part of Age Concern's Silver Surfer Week, organised with BT and Microsoft, over 1500 IT taster sesssions have been set up. Invitation for silver surfers article on BBC and Age Concern Website

Looking forward ... latest advances on World Wide Web

Computer scientist Dave Re Roure reflects on how far the web has come. He talks on the BBC technology section ahead of the world's largest web conference. Building on the future of the web on BBC Technology

19 May 2006

Henry Stays at Arsenal

The rumours started first thing this morning that Henry was committed to staying with Arsenal. AFC called a press conference at 2pm to confirm that Henry has indeed decided to stay and has signed a new 4 year deal. I am delighted he is going to stay and run out at the new stadium at the start of the season in August. It appears from press reports that the majority of fans / supporters from other clubs are happy with the news ... until of course he plays against them ;-) ... full coverage available on the Arsenal website and most media websites.

W3C Announced Introduction of Device Independent Authoring Language (DIAL)

On the 16 May 2006, the W3C announced the introduction of Device Independent Authoring Language (DIAL) .

With the vast range of mobile devices on offer, DIAL will provide a markup language for content authoring. It's aim is to facilitate the authoring of content on the thousands of different handsets and has been developed by the W3C's Device Indepence Working Group which members are indstury leaders. View the full DIAL Press Release and also the W3C Working Draft on DIAL

17 May 2006

On the Road to Paris

We are just about to set off to Stansted to catch our flight to Paris. We were lucky enough to get tickets to the European final with Arsenal against Barcelona.