30 May 2007

Effective Marketing - Top Ten Tips

Understand your customer

  • Who they are, how they buy
  • Talk to them, ask them what they want
  • Do they fully understand your business

Features V Benefits

  • People buy solutions to their problems
Think like your customers

  • How would you like to be served?
  • Build your service around the same principles
Elevator Pitch

  • Clearly say what you do in less than 2 minutes
Let people know you are there

  • Take your product to them, e.g. Coca Cola Vending Machines
Clear Objectives and Targets

  • Increase sales by X
Price Increase

  • Don't be afraid of them
  • 80 / 20 rule
Test & Monitor

  • Otherwise how do you know what is working for you
Guarantees - do what you say you will

  • Delight the customer - do what you say you will - how often have you expereinced a phone call when they say they will call us back
Find your niche

  • Don't try to be everything to everyone - find your niche
Be one in a million - not one of a million