19 February 2007

3GSM World Congress 2007 - Barcelona

3GSM World Congress 2007 took place from 13-15 February at it's new home in Barcelona for the second year running, since it's move from Cannes on the French Riviera.

The first thing that struck me was the move from Cannes allowed the biggest industry in the world to truly become the largest conference in the world with Barcelona playing host and providing a stunning location and backdrop. Throw some beautiful weather and good tapas into the mix and the conference was a great success, that a lot of my colleagues agreed with.

Some 55,000 delegates across the globe visited the congress to attend workshops, keynote speakers, seminar and breakout sessions, panels, display and visit stands, discuss and see the latest trends in the mobile industry and network at the various social events and parties.

It is fitting that the biggest industry in the world put on the largest trade conference in the world. The mobile industry is a large ecosystem that any would-be entrepreneur can thrive in the many industries that have evolved and 3GSM allowed large established companies to meet small, independents who have their own innovative offerings from:
  • Hardware with new and innovative displays to see
  • Front-end and back-end solutions
  • Software
  • Communities
  • Games
  • Film
  • Billing systems
  • Text messaging solutions
  • Mobile Content Delivery
  • Mobile Entertainment
  • Networks
  • Distribution
  • User generated content
  • Peripherals and accessories including clothing and keyboards for mobile devices
I took my time to visit all 8 halls at the exhibition and sample some of the services and products on offer and get an understanding of the innovation in the industry and was impressed with many of the companies there. One such company was omegame who produce a product called Menus Master which allows the quick creation of UI which can easily be generated and integrated into the game. 50% of game production time can be spent developing the menu system and this allows a games company to speed up studio time and focus on the game's features and graphics. Modifications are then easily integrated at a later stage.

The W3C Mobile Web Initiative promoting "The Web on the Move" were present and Tim Berners Lee gave a keynote speech at the Mobile Innovation Forum. They provided good information on mobile web best practices and web standards to design for one web.

Whilst viewing your mobile on the move you could accessories with ElekTex who provide innovative clothing, interactive accessories and cloth keypads for mobile computing.

There were many stands on content and vpod provided a platform for video publishing on demand where you can share your videos and create your own TV Show. Mobestar provided solutions for mobile communities.

A mobile conference wouldn't be the same without a sneak preview of emerging technoligies to come and there were some amazing handsets and devices on display. I was particularly taken with the fog screen by Paraddax, which is a curtain of fog-like material on which high definition images are projected. This allows the user to interact with the projection and is a great way to market material.

The Global Mobile Awards took place at 3GSM [winners list] and the Sundance Film Festival had it's world premiere at the Conference

Don't forget to keep yourself safe from property crime and register your laptop and mobile phones at www.immobilise.com.

After viewing the many stands I managed to go to some after show parties and networking events. I caught with the folks from Swedish Beers and the ladies at the Women in Mobile Data

I look forward the 3GSM 2008 and will be booking my hotel at the AC Miramar early. The AC Miramar is a beautiful 5 star hotel housed in a former palace (designed for the Universal Exhibition of 1929) and located in Montjuic Park. It has stunning views over the city and to the sea, and is only 1km from Las Ramblas.

Download the delegate guide from the show.

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