17 September 2006

New Toys

Just took a visit to the Apple Store on Regent Street and went away with a few new toys.

Funnily enough I originally went into the store to buy a small Nano for when I go walking or the gym. I do love my other iPod but it is too big to carry around for walks and I find by the time you have your keys, mobile, bit of money and your iPod, you either need to carry a bag for said items, OR have lots of pockets - and I like to walk / travel lightweight. My other reason for buying the Nano is that I am a real fan of having lists of really favourite songs, so I don't really want albums on this one just a list of my favourite tracks for when I go walking - there is a shuffle mode as well. Big decision on choosing a colour - I chose the new green one in the end, as green is my favourite colour.

Whilst I was queuing I got thinking that I really should upgrade my Mac for web testing. I use a PC for web development (Sony VAIO) and have been thinking of upgrading my Mac for a while, so left with a little mini-Mac, which I am really getting into. I used a Mac years back for design work and haven't used one seriously since OS6, it is that long ago and I can really see what the fuss is about with OS10 - the interface is lovely and has some really sweet features which I am just discovering. So I have a great set up now - with my Belkin switcher I can have two screens on my PC OR switch and have my Mac and PC side-by-side.

And my final set of toys was to get some Nike trainers and the Nike+iPod Sports Kit for my new Nano - so just in the middle of loading my Nano with some tracks and I'll be rearing to go.


Olly said...

You might want to check out Synergy - it lets you run the PC and Mac at once, and share the keyboard and mouse.

Caz Mockett said...

Ouch! That sounds like an expensive shopping trip ;-) But we all have them from time to time. I'm sure you will enjoy using your new toys.

Talking of which, how are you getting on with your Canon 350D? You seemed to be getting the hang of it well at d.Construct. Why not post some of your masterpieces? :-)