28 September 2006

Got to love technology

Don't you just love technology. It is my brother's 21st next Wednesday and sadly I can't make the trip to Sydney to be there, I am really gutted and quite sad to be missing his big day and party on Saturday night.

My sister has been busy scanning in lots of piccies from when he was a baby through to school, recent parties, nights out and trips OS. So for my contribution I am going to put the whole lot together add some sounds tracks, scan some piccies of my own and turn the lot into a DVD file. That way I'll be able to do a message for him as well from London. When the lot is all done I'll FTP it to my server, my sister can download it, burn the DVD and play it at the party.

Years gone by you'd make do with a telegram but thanks to technology I can still embarrass my litte brother at his 21st. Have a good one Sean :-)


Olly said...

Happy birthday Sheila's little bro!

Sheila Farrell said...

Thanks Olly - BTW also linked to your blog from mine. Have a good weekend