08 July 2006

London Geek Dinner - 7 July 2006

I attended the London Geek dinner, organised by Ian Forrester in Central London last night.

Chris Anderson, the editor-in-chief for Wired Magazine gave a talk on his book The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More which was very interesting.

The event took place at
Bottlescrue on Holburn Viaduct, which had a great outdoor space so we could enjoy the beautiful London evening. It is part of the Davy wine group, so the selection of wine was a winner. There was a great supply of nibbles, good company and chat.

The evening was a great success with about 90 people turning up. I was lucky to be sitting near the front so I could hear Chris talk.

A big thanks to Ian for organising it. You can read Ian's full report on the 7 July London Geek Dinner and Geek Dinner photos on flickr

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