22 February 2007

Photography tips & guidance on colour & composition

Got yourself a fancy, all singing & dancing SLR camera and wished you knew more about composition and colour? I have just been reading some tutorials by Caroline Mockett.

Caroline has written 11 short and snappy [ pardon the pun :-) ] articles on composition and colour. There is a brief introduction to the theory with some stunning examples of each category to illustrate the topics well. It's worth just taking a look for the lovely photography.

Here are some quick links to the topics:

Composition #1 - The Rule Of Thirds

Composition #2 - Lead-In Lines

Composition #3 - Using Symmetry

Composition #4 - Framing Elements

Composition #5 - Creating Depth

Composition #6 - Using Repetition

Composition #7 - Fill The Frame, Or Not?

Composition #8 - Using Triangles

Texture & Tone in Monochrome

Subdued Or Single-Colour Images

Vibrant Colour

1 comment:

Caz Mockett said...

Hey, Sheila - thanks for the plug!

And the tips apply equally to those using snappy compact cameras - good composition is just as important in those circumstances :-)